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Our collections are design for women which needs for special occasion, party or evening events. The unique and specialty of these dresses are the fabric that we choose.

Our favourite material is cotton Batik – the fabrics that we choose, are enriched with gold dust, adhere on the print favourably. The prints that are decorated with glided gold leaves are called Prada cloth, consisting of print designs that are highlighted noticeably with beautiful gold threads that not only enhances the natural beauty of the designs, they also simultaneously bring across a sense of sartorial elegance which is undeniably what every woman aims to have.

Our batik fashion collection is a piece of art; we will choose the best print for the suitable dress or clothes to stitch. In view of the limitation size of the fabric, our tailor will choose the best part of the fabric print for the garment, the designated design will cut out from these fabric, and finally every piece of these garment will not have exactly the same look, same prints or same flower design, every piece of clothing is cut out from piece by piece. The design, selection of Fabrics, Drafting till Production of clothing, all are done it by our in-house production team members, they have a passion on these Batiks. Our customers also like the new look in a different way of presenting Batik.